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Monica Montanaro interviews Csaba Vida, author of the book “Bridge Man of the 21st Century”

Monica Montanaro interviews Csaba Vida, author of the book “Bridge Man of the 21st Century”

“There are encounters that allow us to wake up,” and the meeting with András is just one of them. Or better, it is ‘the encounter’.
In his book “The Bridgeman of the 21st Century”, Csaba Vida tells us about András and his teachings with a particular style. It provides valuable insight into the Spirit of the “Bridgeman” of the twenty-first century and his human side. Reading his adventures with András takes us into an almost surreal context where space and time do not exist but coexist, and, in unison, they create a wonderful symphony that tastes of past, present, and, above all, future. A future where spirituality will increasingly be the queen of the sciences.

Csaba, when you write in your book that “you cannot live a joyful and meaningful life until we wake up to consciousness” … what are you trying to suggest to us?

12 years ago, when I wrote this in my book, it was only a premonition that our world was about to undergo radical changes. Today, not only our joy but also our health and survival depend on our awakening to spiritual self-awareness. We have come to a tipping point. Chaos has taken over Earth and the process of spiritual darkening has accelerated at an astonishing pace.

The human being is inherently a divine, spiritual being, with its own miracle. But contemporary human beings with intellect only pay attention to what their five senses transmit to their minds. This is a soul-killing world. This process started a long time ago, and the only way to get out of it is to learn the true history and to reveal the true intentions of the different religions and branches of science. Several mediums have predicted the coming of this age. The last prophecies date from about 100 years ago, Rudolf Steiner and Edgar Cayce also foresaw the world of today and what could come after this, as well.


“In the 21st century, a new way of life is emerging on Earth. The change will be radical. A frightening era of technocratic ideals that seek to stifle freedom will precede the renewal. Unless the forces of peoples, which may even be called supernatural, come together, the world will be consumed by fire.”
Edgar Cayce 1942


“Since the 1870s, the dark side has moved into the human mind and it is from there that it rules over people”
Rudolf Steiner

We live in a world driven by a material principle, a materialistic world, where the supremacy of matter is proclaimed by a science that claims itself to be superior. Science has led people to believe that only the world of matter, as perceived by the physical senses, exists and that everything else is mere fiction. According to science, our emotions, our thoughts, and our souls are merely a consequence of our bodily processes, and everything comes from matter. Most people cannot see beyond the walls of education, media, and science, and this is very much to the advantage of a group of a few hundred people who are holding the earth’s economy, financial, and political power in their hands.

“Two worldviews will be in sharp contrast. Some will be aware of the reality of spirit and soul. The others, the materialists, will seek the vaccine that will make the human being healthy’, that is, so that their nature will turn out in a way that they will not speak of such nonsense as soul and spirit, but will speak rather of the forces manifested through machinery and chemistry. Their aim of the above will be achieved by physical procedures. They leave it to the materialistic doctors to cast the souls out of people.”
Rudolf Steiner 1917

In our day, demonic powers have gained space in people’s emotions and thoughts in unprecedented ways. Such strong satanic power, such demonic temptation, as now exists, has never been on Earth before. Those most at risk are those who do not know or believe that the lord of darkness exists. Spiritual unconsciousness has taken hold of all mankind.


The message of the age is that there is an invisible Spirit World, and there is a Creator. Jesus has demonstrated that human beings can have a relationship with the Creator. Usually every 500 to 1000 years, a person is born who can contact the highest intuitive levels of the spirit world and the Good God Himself and interpret their messages to humanity. There is an end-time situation, from which only the spirit world and the Good God can lead humanity out.

I have spent several years searching for the truths behind appearances, I wanted to figure out how the world and my own soul work. I have visited spiritual teachers, psychics, and clairvoyants, in many parts of the world, but the information I have received about how the world works and my own future has always turned out to be untrue. Then, 20 years ago, I met András Kovács-Magyar, whose every prediction came true, and every statement he made has proven to be true in the time since.

András presented me with a device that allows me to look into my own soul and objectively see my delusions, and the truths behind my thoughts, feelings, and ideas. The device shows me what makes my soul suffer, why certain relationships don’t work, what childhood traumas I carry, and what health risks my lifestyle holds. With the help of this device, the Matrix Drops Computer, and the personally selected Matrix Drops creative information remedies, I have recovered from decades-old illnesses and psychological problems.

I have been learning from András for years already, not only about the real history of humanity, and the deceptions of religions and science but also about how the art of magia, dreams, and the spirit world function. I try to incorporate his teachings into my life, which perhaps happens to be the greatest challenge. He walks before us as an example, showing us, without hiding his own struggles, joys, and trials, the way to spiritual awakening and a healthy, joyful life.

András’s teachings and the real image of myself presented to me by the Matrix Drops Computer have led to a clarity of vision and a unique perspective that helps me to navigate through an increasingly confusing world. And knowing and liberating my own soul leads to a more joyful, healthy, and meaningful life.   


What was your most significant experience during your years with András? What is the most magical place you have had the privilege to visit with András?

András, and his wife Ildikó, lead a very meaningful life and are happy to share their adventures and experiences with their friends and disciples. For years I have had the privilege of being their companion on their mystical adventures. Under the guidance of the spirit world, we have visited many mysterious places around the world and uncovered secrets that date back centuries, even millennia. In many cases, we have had experiences on the level of soul and spirit, far beyond our imagination. In my book, I devote a special chapter to these journeys.

One of our greatest experiences was in the Azores – the site of the former Atlantis – where when we visited, the celestial gateway that had been closed for 8,000 years was reopened and our soul and spirit had the chance to get into contact with our Creator. It was even physically perceptible, but still hardly describable in words, a real exhilarating experience, as we were embraced by the Good God Himself.

Our wanderings in Mexico were an extraordinary experience, visiting not only the ancient Mayan sacred sites but also the ancient pyramids near Mexico City, where we experienced both the power of evil, demonic spirits, and the infinite power of the Good God.

I have been and still am a part of the miracles of András not only on his travels but also in his work. I was fortunate enough to be present countless times when András gave back the sight of a blind man, the hearing of a deaf man, and I saw crippled people walk again. I often witness András releasing a spiritually possessed person, removing a curse or a hex from people, who then all report that their lives have been completely restored in a short period of time. The power of the spirit over the material world is always a source of the greatest admiration for me. 


You have defined András as the “Steiner of our time”: what are the many points that you find to be similar between them?

For years, Rudolf Steiner was only listened to by a few people. It was during the horrors of the First World War that more people took notice. It was the Second World War that drew attention to the prophecies of Edgar Cayce. It seems that until there is a period of horror and suffering, people live their ordinary lives and are deaf to the teachings and warnings of the spirit world. In many aspects, the thinking, the soul, the spirituality of people today, and thus the state of the world, is worse than it was 80-100 years ago. Perhaps that is why the eyes and ears of more and more people today are being opened to authentic messages deriving right from the highest levels of the spirit world. That is why we are translating András Kovács-Magyar‘s books into more and more languages (including Italian), which are lifting the veil on the world’s greatest deceptions and concealed truths.


You say of him that he is “a humble man: he heals and teaches with the help of higher powers”. If you had to use two terms to define András the spiritual man and András the everyday human being, which would these terms be?

I cannot limit my image of András to just two terms. Anyone who reads my book, or András’s two books also published in Italian, will discover a broad spectrum of his personality and the world he has formed. András dreamed and built a world to which he invited many of us and to which the doors are still open today.

In my book, I have written about my own experiences. Countless times I have been convinced that András is chosen by the Spirit World to be a mediator, a heavenly conduit, and a teacher. Through his miracles, and his inexplicable healings, he has testified thousands of times to his extraordinary abilities. Yet, when asked, he never attributes his extraordinary successes to himself, but to the invisible celestial powers that assisted him, the spiritual helpers who performed thousands of similar miracles in their many earthly lives before. St. Margaret, St. Elizabeth, Mary Magdalene, the Virgin Mary, the Lord Jesus, 12 great spirits in all, teach and assist him in his work. The disciples of András, who are walking the path set out by the heavenly ones, can also receive this support and the spiritual power by which they too can work miracles.

“People can only leave two things behind on Earth: their style and their thoughts”. How can we make our lives – and also the lives of others – a masterpiece and how can we elevate ourselves?

Everyone can only redeem themselves, and in doing so can be an example to others. This is true even within families. Jesus did not redeem mankind, but he showed us – through his own life – the way to salvation. The way he lived, the way he healed, the way he taught and the spiritual legacy he left behind are still a model for those who regard him as the greatest human spirit.

András has written nine books, given hundreds of lectures around the world, and trained more than 40,000 disciples over the past 35 years. All those who learn from him not only gain healing techniques and skills but can also gain spiritual knowledge and insights that enable them to redeem themselves from their physical and spiritual problems and to find their own spiritual self, which is an inimitable, unique, and marvelous part of the Good God.